It is 1989 and I am 3. I am on a field trip with my preschool class. We are lined up on a bench, like figurines placed on a mantle. I stand happily in the middle with my brown skin, black hair and unruly curls…

An Ordinary Heart

The night he left, I laid in bed for hours trying to sleep. My mind raced and my heart ached. I couldn’t stand the silence, but there was no music I wanted to hear, no show I wanted to watch, no person I wanted to speak to. In search of a comforting sound, I reached for the stethoscope on my desk, placed the buds in my ears and the diaphragm on my own chest.


As some of you may know, after nearly a decade of writing and ranting in stream of consciousness fashion, I decided to lay my personal blog to rest. As I’ve become more focused in my life and career, I’ve also become more focused in my writing, and I wanted to develop a new site to reflect that.